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Commercial Use of Photographs

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Commercial Use of Photographs

Commercial Use of Photographs


If you plan to use photographs from our collection for commercial publication, displays or online, we ask you to sign a Photograph Use Agreement [PDF Document] .

Payment of an additional commercial use fee (see Use Fee Schedule on left menu) will be charged to for-profit entities outside of Wyoming requesting permission to use photos in our collection for commercial ventures. Please see left menu for our Photograph Collection Use Fee Schedule. No use fee will be charged to any citizen, business or government agency in the State of Wyoming or for non-profit or educational uses.

Photographs are provided as found in the collection. Though we do make minor adjustments to image density and correct some dust spots, we do not crop or otherwise alter images. Alteration of images by cropping, colorizing or significant digital manipulation that does not reflect the photographer’s original intent is discouraged by our Photograph Use Agreement.


Also see the Use Fee Schedule and Copy Prices and Rules sections in the left menu.