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Records of Wyoming Counties

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Records of Wyoming Counties

Records of Wyoming Counties


The Wyoming State Archives accepts for preservation selected records from Wyoming’s county governments. These records are principally those from which we have ongoing requests for information. The main types of records we maintain are:


  • Court records: District, Circuit and Probate. To request these, you will generally need to contact the court first and ask for the docket number of the case file
  • Some marriage records, particularly before 1941, when the state began keeping track of marriages. See our guide to vital records for help determining which records are kept by which state agency
  • Land records: records from county clerks
  • School records: records from county school districts


Some of these records have been microfilmed, but most are housed in our offsite storage facility. Contact us to ask how to locate and retrieve them for you to use.


County Records

This inventory lists the county level records that are available with us.