Read all about Wyoming history in the newspapers!

Newspapers have been published in Wyoming since 1867. They can offer a wonderful snapshot of daily life in the state and enhance most research projects. Find out how national news affected local communities, get the scoop on social events, read obituaries and see what life was like across the state at any given time in Wyoming’s history. The Wyoming State Archives houses the largest, most complete collection of Wyoming newspapers in existence from 1867 to the present.

Newspapers up to 1923:

Wyoming Newspapers   (link opens in a new tab/window)

Browse through this online database of newspapers published across the state prior to 1923 or search the text for events, people and more.  Note:  Newspapers published after 1922 cannot be published online due to copyright restrictions.  Check our microfilm for all years of Wyoming newspapers.

Try this tutorial on using the newspaper database, from the Wyoming State Library.

All Wyoming newspapers:

Microfilm Holdings Database(link opens in a new tab/window)

Come in to the State Archives to read any Wyoming newspaper on microfilm.  You can search for a particular newspaper in our microfilm database.

You can borrow newspaper microfilm from the University of Wyoming  Libraries through interlibrary loan. Contact the interLibrary loan staff at your local library for more information.


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While the information contained in newspapers is a wonderful resource, the papers themselves were never meant to last for longer than it took to read them. To keep printing costs down, they are printed on very cheap, acidic paper that becomes yellow and brittle when exposed to light and air. They become very fragile and cannot endure much handling. So what’s an archive to do?

Our solution is to microfilm the newspapers and discard the original papers. Properly stored microfilm can last much longer than paper, takes up much less space, and can survive excessive handling and viewing.

But there are some things microfilm is not good at. One of those is reproducing the gray shades in photographs in the papers. This is why the newspaper photographs usually appear very dark and hard to see.

Is there an index to all the newspapers published in Wyoming?


How can I access newspapers published after 1923?


Can I request a copy of a particular article from the newspaper if I cannot visit myself?


How current are the newspapers in your collection?


I’m looking for a photograph published in the newspaper. Can you help?