Genealogical Resources

Genealogical Resources


Genealogical research can extend far beyond the basics of birth, marriage and death. Digging deeper into the historical record can provide a more complete picture of the life and times of your ancestors. It can be a lot of work - but it can also be very rewarding!

Below is a very cursory list, for novices and experienced researchers alike, of material available at the Wyoming State Archives that can help you find out more about your relatives. It is by no means a complete list, but we hope it will help you to break through some of your “brick walls.” If you have questions about specific records, please contact us.







All the information on these records is on our Vital Records Page.  Keep in mind that birth records are closed for 100 years and Death, Marriage, and Divorce records for 50 years.  So, for more recent records, you will want to contact the Wyoming Department of Health’s Vital Statistics Records Office.


Census Records  


Death and Burial








Note:  Juvenile Criminal cases are restricted by the courts. Please contact the court in question about access. Information about incarceration at the Wyoming Boys School, Wyoming Girls School and Wyoming Training School are also restricted and we can neither confirm nor deny an individual’s incarceration at any of these facilities. Please contact the Department of Corrections for access to the records.



Researching your house or building - Start here 



Nearly all information about a person’s health or hospitalization is restricted by HIPAA privacy regulations. In the case of State Hospital patients, we can neither confirm nor deny their hospitalization. Please contact the State Hospital with any requests for information about patients of the hospital. That being said, there may be mentions of medical conditions or hospitalization in open records.